One of the thing people notice about Peace is that God has blessed us with a family atmosphere

You will meet natives and transplants from the United States, Brazil, and Iraq; life-long Lutherans and recent converts from other Christian and non-Christian faiths – and even a former atheist or two.  What matters is not our outward differences, but that Jesus Christ has died to forgive the sins of each one. 


And He has united us in our shared confession of the Christian faith and love for one another.  Just like in the best of earthly families, we rejoice together with our Christian brothers and sisters over the good things.  When times are bad for one member, that sorrow touches the rest of us too.  

Join Us!

We would like for you to join us!

The Lord Jesus told His apostles to make disciples of all people by baptizing and teaching (Matthew 28:19-20).  Every member of Peace Lutheran has been baptized. Our confirmed members have gone through “catechism” classes of one form or another – that is, basic instruction in the Christian faith.  Those confirmed as teenagers typically have a couple years of instruction, while those who come to the Lutheran church in adulthood usually attend accelerated instruction classes over the course of a few months.  (Members are always welcome back for refresher courses in either of these settings!)

If you would like to become a member of Peace and are already a confirmed member of a sister Lutheran Church-Canada or Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod congregation, please contact your home congregation’s pastor as well as our own to let both men know of your desire to transfer.


If you are interested in membership but are not a member of a sister congregation, please contact our pastor so that he can schedule a time to meet with you – either individually, or as part of a formal group class when the schedule and interest allows.

Classes will focus on who God is, who Jesus is and what has He done for you, as well as addressing any questions you might have about Christianity and the Bible.  After completing the classes, you are welcome to join our congregation as a confirmed member, but you are not required to. 

If you are interested or have questions, please contact Pastor Leistico at Whether you take the classes or not, we look forward to the opportunity to get to know you better.  In a world so broken and lost in sin, we hope we can share with you the most precious gift of God’s forgiveness in His Son Jesus Christ.